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Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude

Whether Thanksgiving is just around the corner OR NOT... thinking about the answer to that traditional Thanksgiving-dinner question: what am I thankful for? is something we should all be considering DAILY.  

My question to you is, How often do you reflect on the good things in life?The reality is that many of us don’t think about the things that bring us happiness and joy until the holidays roll around. Honestly, who can blame us?

There is so much to be grateful for but we often overlook these things when we focus more on the bad. With work, family, finances, our homes, health, and so much more that are going on around us, we automatically focus on the negatives instead of positives.

If you want to change that and begin your day, every day, with gratitude then you should continue reading!

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is the sense of appreciation for everything we currently have. When we practice and focus on gratitude, we stop worrying about the things that lack in our life. 

To sum it all up, gratitude is the ability to recognize the goodness in your life. So, HOW DO WE PRACTICE GRATITUDE??; you may ask.

Let’s dive in.

11 Ways To Practice Gratitude:

1. Keep A Gratitude Journal:

2. Write Gratitude Letters or Text Messages.

3. Smile

4. Meditate With Focus On Gratitude

5. Nurture The Friendships You Have

6. Don't Gossip or Speak Badly about anyone

7. Remember To Compliment Your Friends and Family

8. Notice The Beauty In Nature Each Day

9. See The Growth Opportunity In Your Mistakes

10. Focus On Your Strengths

11. Call Those You Love More Often, and TELL THEM.

Being grateful is a habit that can be built. Be the change you wish to see in the world by practicing gratitude as part of day. These are a few of many ways you can get the habit started. As you continue to evolve, realize that there is value in being thankful. For everything that we have today, could be gone tomorrow.

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