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Beautiful stones and Obelisk

I needed a special stone for my best friend birthday gift. Couldn't find it anywhere...Magic Crystal's not only had the stones but all kinds of variations. The packaging was airtight...and got here exactly when they said it would. Very happy!

I love them

These are just what I expected and wanted. I love them so much. Thank you.

Golden Healer Quartz

I was told intuitively that I need this stone!! "They" were not wrong!! It is definitely the right stone for me right now!! I LOVE it!!!😍💖💛💛💛💛💛💛

Blue Lace Agate Pendant

I love this stone! I felt immediate love when I picked up the package. The extra moonstone and amethyst added to the silver is just extra beautiful. I would recommend making or buying your own chain, the one it comes with is basically just to hold it. I’m making a silver chain for it, but, I have everything to do that but not everyone does. I will definitely shop here again, the pendant itself was worth the value without a chain.

I loved it! Long & cute! It gave me very good energies right away!✨❤️

I love it the details of the dragon is amazing I'm in love with the pendant the necklace as well didn't have to change it

(Blue) Kyanite earrings are super special.

This super stone performs a unique function and I am glad to have found it here.
However, if color is important be aware that colors vary from the color depicted on the computer monitor.
My blue kyanite earrings are grey, a light grey that includes charcoal grey vertical striping.
Blue would have been amazing, but don't lose sight of the function Kyanite performs.

Selenite Charging Plate
Valeree Hansen

My selenite charging plate is doing its job. It fits into the box that holds my crystal earrings. The extra unique feature is that the earrings stay in place on the charging plate. They do not slide all around when I move my earring box to open it and select my earrings.
Love that I am doing the best for my crystals as they do the best for me.


This is my 2nd mystery box and it's been a real treat! They give you such high quality crystals and it's all random on which crystals you get which adds to the fun imo. The packaging is done really well to keep the crystals protected. Great stuff guys. Keep up the great work!

Sunstone Power Point
William Coscia
Raw Sunstone Point

Amazing. Beautiful. Great Energy. Love It. Excellent Packaging. Cute Little Box. Appropriate Paperwork. Free "Gift" Crystal Was Also Included. First Time Purchase. Will Definitely Buy More.


I am truly pleased with the necklace. Great packaging, service and fast shipping!

Clear quartz necklace

I love, my clear quartz necklace, it is a gorgeous piece of clear quartz! Excellent customer service, and received quickly!

Green jade tumbled stone

Beautiful, great addition to my other pieces!

Christmas Joy

It absolutely beautiful! My daughter loves her love bracelet & necklace. They were perfect Christmas gifts


Beautiful! Bigger than expected. My friend received it as a gift from me and absolutely loved it

Very small

I got this has a Xmas present, it's a very protective stone,but it's really tiny,almost child size.


I love it!


It's a really nice piece,great Xmas present.

Amethyst Stone Quartz Raw Bracelet
Valeree Hansen
Gentle Sophisticated Beauty

Wearing three of these bracelets on one arm adds a look of grace, softness, and delicacy. A lovely enhancement to my wardrobe.
Plus, receiving the amethyst's spiritual benefits has increased much in my daily life. Fantastic.

Spectacular elegance and delicacy

These Lapis Lazuli dangle earrings add the perfect spark of elegance and delicacy to my everyday wardrobe.
They make me feel quite regal while out and about.

Lovely and elegant

I love wearing these earrings, they add brightness to my face and they give me a feeling of calmness during my day.

Amethyst Dangle Earrings - Gorgeous, adds a lovely spot of brightness to the face.

My Amethyst Dangle Earrings look beautiful, plus I am positive that their vibrational rate is working spiritual wonders as I wear them while out and about.
The phenomenal packing job by Magic Crystals guaranteed safety during shipping and rough handling at USPS facilities.


I think it’s beautiful. I bought it for my Granddaughter for Christmas. I think she’ll love it.

Celestite Necklace

Just Beautiful. Vibrant. 💛💛💛