Green Jasper

Green Jasper Healing Properties | Green Jasper Meaning | Benefits Of Green Jasper - Magic Crystals

Green Jasper meaning is always positive such as to strengthen human connection to Earth and to energize human physical body. It’s properties connect to metaphysical and healing energy both physical and mental. Green Jasper is the most highly prized crystal in medieval and ancient world. This rare crystal comes in a variety of color from olive-green to pale spring green. As valued crystal, it has deep power that may surprise some of use.

Spiritual EnergyEach metaphysical crystal has spiritual energy and it differs depending on what properties it carries. In this case, Green Jasper meaning through its properties allows spiritual freedom and strengthens the human’s connection to Earth. By encouraging through dream and meditation, there will be harmony within inner self and with others.

To fulfill the purpose of retrieving spiritual knowledge, this crystal works by providing connection with ancient past of the Earth. The knowledge, in turn, will be useful to help support the humanity and heal the planet. Meanwhile, in spiritual world, this crystal is said to be able to drive away ghosts, witchcraft, evil spirits and harmful fantasies.