Rainbow Aura Quartz

Metaphysical Meaning:

Typical Appearance: Aura Quartz is created through atomic vapor deposition. The outer surface of clear Quartz becomes bonded with atoms of different metals, just a few atoms thick, creating beautiful color and iridescence. The different precious metals and combinations of metals create a wonderful variety of vibrant colors.

Aura Quartz is treated with gold and adds the healing properties of gold to quartz. Gold is the purest element. You will get similar aqua aura quartz as shown in pictured. This are unique natural wands and they may vary in shape and size.

Rainbow Aura: This type of Aura Quartz is slightly harder to source. Rainbow Aura is quartz bonded with Titanium. It shimmers all the different colors of the rainbow all over its surface, without needing to be moved under the light to see the color change. It reminds me of the colors of oil on water. Rainbow Aura is about getting out there and having fun! It encourages us to lighten up on ourselves, to find more reasons to let our inner child out to play. Life can get be fast, heavy going or just plain chaotic sometimes.

Rainbow Aura reminds us that we also need to enjoy life and play, so wants us to be silly and full of laugher. It is also quite a transformational crystal to work with, bringing us from places of darkness into light, from negativity to positivity. Keep a cluster on a bedside table or somewhere near where you will sit/lie and can soak up its energy.