2023 Crystals for Goal Setting, Perseverance, and Growth

2023 Crystals for Goal Setting, Perseverance, and Growth-MagicCrystals.com

What are your intentions for 2023?

With just 4 days left until the new year begins, it's time to gather the powerful tools you need to say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023!  

Filling up to-do lists isn’t the only way to prep to achieve your goals. Choosing the right crystals can help you get your energy right to crush any goal you set your mind to, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re also gorgeous.

Below, a list of Crystals for Goal Setting, Perseverance, and Growth:

2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Clear-Quartz

Get Clear On Your Priorities

Clear Quartz is pretty universal and can be used for basically everything. It magnifies your intentions, clears the mind, amplifies your energy, and brings things into focus, thus making it the perfect crystal to cleanse yourself of the previous year in preparation for the next one.


2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Citrine

Get That Raise

Citrine is an excellent stone to channel feelings of abundance, wealth, and a sense of security. It's perfect for manifestation and abundance. Citrine is thought to be especially great at helping your grandest visions make their way from your daydreams into reality. Citrine is also a stone that supports the 3rd chakra: you can think will power, stamina, and forward movement - all of which will help you actually accomplish those 2023 goals! 

2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Carnelian

Make New Friends

A happy person is magnetic to others, so if you’re looking to grow your social circle or even bring a new BFF into your life, you’ll want a stone that will bring you confidence and joy. Carnelian also dispels apathy and promotes positive life choices, so if you are feeling particularly stuck or have made health-related goals, carnelian is your best friend. 


2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Red-Jasper
Hit Your Workout Goals

This gorgeous stone can supply a steady stream of energy with no crashes - like a tea shot in vibration form. It’s perfect for rocking your way through an intense workout. An aura stabilizing stone, Jasper boosts the rate of positive feelings you experience. Perfect healing stone to lift your spirits and being optimistic, Jasper is ideal to bring manifestation of your creative talents and ideas.


2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Rose-Quartz
Find Love


This beautiful soft pink stone fosters feelings of love and warmth, both for yourself and others. After your cleanse, find a quiet place. A table or alter would be ideal. Place your crystals on the table and light your candle. It doesn't matter if you have many crystals or only a few. You can just use what you have on hand, or you may like to choose crystals whose properties match and resonate with your intentions. 


2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Lapis-Lazuli

Write A Book

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful crystal and great for removing blockages. If you feel yourself getting stuck while trying to achieve your goals, turn to lapis lazuli. Furthermore, it helps with spiritual awakenings making it perfect for such goals. This stone is thought to allow you to tap deep into your spirit so your divine ideas and purpose can flow out onto the paper. 


2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Tiger-Eye

Feel More Confident

A will power stone known to inspire and motivate you, Tiger Eye is excellent to charge New Year Resolutions. In addition to achieving everyday goals, tiger Eye also helps in removing negative blocks to help you lead a productive life. Wearing this Tiger Eye Bracelet will protect and keep you on track with your aims this New Year.


2023-Crystals-for-Goal-Setting-Perseverance-and -Growth-Magic-Crystals-Black-Tourmaline

Stay More Positive

It’s a whole lot easier to keep bad vibes away when you feel safe and grounded. That’s why you’ll want to be around black tourmaline, a stone of protection and clarity. Considered an all-rounder stone to cleanse the negative energy, Black Tourmaline is a shielding crystal that protects you from psychic attacks. Known to connect the wearer with Earth and humanity, Black Tourmaline keeps you attacks of the evil eye and keeps you in the pink of health.

This is your year - and crystals can help you get there. Get your rock on and get rolling!

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