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What is Apatite?

Apatite is a mineral of the phosphate group, usually referred to hydroxyapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite.

What is Apatite Used For?

Apatite  is a stone of manifestation.  It is used for service and humanitarian pursuits.  Apatite is attuned to the future, yet connects to past lives.  It stimulates the development of our psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepening meditation and aiding communication and self-expression on all levels.  It balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, eliminating overactivity and stimulating under-activity.

Psychologically, Apatite increases motivation.  It draws off negativity about oneself and others.  It is helpful for hyperactivity and autism in children.  Apatite enhances creativity and the intellect.  It clears confusion and frustration, reducing irritability and awakening the inner self.  Apatite expands knowledge and truth and eases sorrow, apathy, and anger.

Physically, Apatite aids in the absorption of calcium, helping cartilage, bones and teeth; healing bones and encouraging the formation of new cells.  It improves arthritis and joint problems.  Apatite can successfully help in suppressing hunger and raising the metabolic rate, encouraging healthy eating.  It heals the glands, meridians, organs and overcomes hypertension. 

Where is Apatite Found?

Apatite is found all over the world. Major sources for gem apatite are Brazil, Mexico and Myanmar. Other sources include Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Types of Apatite:

Blue Apatite
 - Throat Chakra
Blue Apatite opens the throat chakra.  It enhances communication in groups and facilitates public speaking.  It heals the heart and emotions.  Blue Apatite connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance.

Yellow Apatite
Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra
Yellow Apatite activates the solar plexus chakra.  It is a great eliminator of toxins and draws off stagnant energy.  Yellow Apatite treats depression and lethargy and can overcome a lack of concentration and inefficient learning.  It aids poor digestion and helps to remove cellulite, treats the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen.  Emotionally, it neutralizes stored anger.

Zodiac - Gemini & Libra
Element - Air & Water
Planet: Mercury
Vibration - Number 9