Each point varies in size. The average size is 2.5-3 inches tall and about 1-2 inches wide.  Called a "power point" for its ability to intensify and direct energy, this amazing piece features raw, naturally-cleaved sides and a shaped and polished point. These Power Points are great to set up your grid! 

When assembling a crystal grid, it is always best to follow your intuition. However, most Crystal Grids include a central stone, surrounding stones, amplification stones, and any objections of importance.

The Center Stone: Like living things, crystals have "auras," otherwise known as an Energy Torus. Our chakra line serves as the central axis for us. When you make a Crystal Grid, the center stone acts as the anchor for the Grid's Energy Torus, acting as the antennae, which is what broadcasts your intention into the universe. The center stone is generally the largest piece in the grid or the highest vibrational.