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Collection: Green Gemstones

Green represents abundance, renewal, growth and nature. It is a harmonizing, balancing and calming color. Green is a healing color that gives healing energy to the heart. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth, renewal, and harmony. The color green is associated with the heart chakra, which is the fourth primary chakra. The color green is associated with the month of May, whilst pale green is for August. Magic Crystals carries a wide variety of semi-precious green stones in the shape of necklaces, bracelets, pendulums, raw gemstones, earrings and much more. Excellent for depression, as its sunny qualities include joy, optimism and confidence, awakening an enthusiasm for life.  Effective in the treatment of digestive problems.

Green gemstones: green jade, malachite, green aventurine, peridot, amazonite, unakite, rhyolite, vesuvianite, african turquoise, zoisite, moldavite, green cat's eye, chrysoprase, multicolor tourmaline, green jasper, apple aura quartz, green chalcedony and more.