Root Chakra Crystals - 9 Crystals for Root Chakra Opening

This Root Chakra crystal kit is designed to align with the Root Chakra to help cleanse, restore balance, break energy stagnation, and open the Root to divine connection, and enhance your sense of grounding and protection. This set makes for beautifully personalized gifts for family, friends, and loved ones! 

Root Chakra Crystals - 9 Crystals for Root Chakra Opening

Root Chakra draws its energy from the ground. A balanced Base Chakra gives you a sense of security, stability, and a feeling of a balanced existence.


•  Size: Natural stones are approx. 20-50mm each (Weight varies, depending on individual stone weight)

•  9 Gemstones:

Hematite: Hematite is very grounding and calming. It decreases negativity and can help balance the body, mind and spirit.
Garnet: Used to activate the Earth and Base Chakras to create the energies of creation itself to assist to bring abundance so that one can focus their spiritual path and have all their earthly needs met.

Smoky Quartz: It is believed to help with dealing with stress and anxiety and helps with overcoming negative thinking.
Red Jasper: This stone helps by bringing you strength to resist emotional domination by others, therefore, Red Jasper represents Endurance and Empowerment.
Red Tiger Eye: Eliminates anxiety to remain focused in adverse situations.
Black Obsidian: Black obsidian can help protect you by drawing in your negative energies and those that surround you.
Jet: Protection & purification stone, and is known to help protect against negative energies.
Black Tourmaline: Grounds us to our Root Chakra strengthening our foundation and inner core.
Bloodstone: It is grounding and protecting. Bloodstone draws off negative environmental energy, helping to overcome influences such as geopathic or electromagnetic stress. 


~ Organza drawstring pouch for protection and carrying

~ Information card that lists each crystals effect on the chakra.

~ Intuitively chosen mini tumbled stones gift

~ Affirmations card for chakra activation.

- 100% Unique Product of Nature - Color, Markings and Shape May Vary.

• Handcrafted Item: Gemstones are handled with love and cut from 100% natural stone, please allow for variances in color, shape and size as these stones are nature-made and no two are alike.

Metaphysical Information:

Emotional/Spiritual:  When in balance you feel secure, connected, supported, safe, and grounded. You have faith in your personal manifesting abilities and maintain your power. 

Signs your Root Chakra is unbalanced:

• feeling ungrounded
• guilt
• anger
• worried
• fearful
• tendency to be controlling
• exhaustion

The root chakra or the first chakra is called the Muladhara (pronounced ‘Moola-dhaara’) Chakra. While all the Seven Chakras are important for our health and well being, some experts consider the first chakra to be the most important Chakra mainly since it directs energy to all other chakras and also helps connect the individual to his/her physical world.

Location of the root chakra– Base of the spine.

Color associated with the root chakra– The first chakra is associated with Red – the color of blood or passion. Hence, the root chakra represents the life force (Chi or Prana) of the physical body itself.

Crystals can be used as part of your meditation by holding them in one or both hands as you meditate. They raise our vibrations and energy level and help to turn our attention from everyday concerns to our greater purposes in being alive.

You can also choose to set a personal intention for your stone while sitting in meditation with your stone in hand, and stating what you want to manifest in your life. Keeping gemstones with you can help you carry a sense of peace, calm, mindfulness and focus with you throughout the day.

☾☾ We are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Energy healing crystals should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care ☾☾

Please note that each set is unique in appearance as every one of us. Because all of our gemstones are cut from 100% natural stone, there is always color variation. Actual set you will receive might not look exactly the same as the one shown in the pictures above, but the color will be similar. We only stock quality gems.

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