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Losa de forma libre de Unakite

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Why Magic Crystals?

Welcome to Magic Crystals, where you'll find everything you need to enhance your mind, body, spirit, and home with the healing energy of crystals. Founded in 2017, a unique feature of Magic Crystals is that we offer a complete line of Healing Crystals, which includes rarer and more esoteric stones, like Amber, Moldavite, Topaz, Celestite, Ruby, Pink Amethyst, Libyan Gesert glass, Larimar, Herkimer Diamond, and gem-grade Lapis Lazuli and more.

Each stone is lovingly hand-selected for quality, color, shape, and polish. We do not buy sight unseen or order by mail, nor do we buy the cheapest stones available from warehouses. Our mission requires quality, hand selection, and the best energetic vibration.

Our focus is education and easy availability of the highest quality metaphysical tools for the Conscious Lifestyle. We commission local sage artists to create our organic candles, smudging lines, and crystal jewelry artisans from Brazil and California for natural crystal jewelry treasures.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Fast Shipping, Handmade Premium Quality, Environmentally Friendly


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Gifting Magic Crystals

Shopping for that special someone, but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a gift card.

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How to To Use , Cleanse and Activate Your Crystals

Jewelry: How to To Use , Cleanse and Activate Your Crystal Gemstone Jewelry

Crystals: How To Cleanse Crystals

Crystals are tangible, physical forms of the Earth’s energy. Millions of years old, crystals carry the natural life force of the earth. Their ability to emit specific frequencies and store tremendous amounts of information makes crystals essential to modern technologies. So how can we harness the power of crystals? It’s as simple as carrying them, wearing them or placing them in your home.

Due to the nature of this mineral, every piece will be unique and different unless is a SOLD AS SEEN listing. There is much variance in color, shape, formation and pattern.

Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

Losas de palma de unakita

AFIRMACIÓN : Navego el proceso de sanación y despertar a una conciencia superior con paciencia y fe, moviéndome siempre, paso a paso, hacia mi mayor bien.

Unakite es una piedra de visión. Unakite ayuda a encontrar el equilibrio a través de la espiritualidad. Unakite proporciona conexión a tierra cuando es necesario. Facilita el renacimiento, liberando suavemente las condiciones que inhiben el crecimiento espiritual y psicológico.

Detalles de piedra:

• Cantidad: Uno (no incluye recipiente de carga de selenita l )
• Piedra preciosa: Unakita
• Forma: Forma Libre

• El tamaño varía de 20 mm a 70 mm (cada pieza es única) en tamaño y ancho.

• Artículo hecho a mano: las piedras preciosas se manipulan con amor y se cortan con piedra 100 % natural. Tenga en cuenta las variaciones en el color, la forma y el tamaño, ya que estas piedras están hechas de forma natural y no hay dos iguales.

        Significado metafísico:

        Unakita Significado

        Esto Unakite es verde oliva veteado, salmón y color crema. Unakite se encuentra en los EE.UU. y Sudáfrica. Está hecho de Feldespato combinado con Epidota o Pistacita y trabaja con el Chakra del Corazón.

        Unakite equilibra los cuerpos emocional y espiritual y proporciona una suave liberación de bloqueos. Unakite tiene una acción suave de enviar vibraciones pacíficas a los que están cerca. Puede ser útil en el trabajo o en el hogar, emanando energías calmantes en el ambiente. Llévelo con usted cuando vaya a funciones con grandes grupos de personas para ayudar a mantener la paz.

        Una piedra del Chakra del Tercer Ojo, Unakite es buena para abrirse al crecimiento espiritual y las visiones psíquicas. Medite con Unakite tumbado en el Tercer Ojo para traer conocimiento desde el yo superior al corazón para su comprensión e implementación.

        Propiedades de la Piedra: Unakita
        Chakra primario: Chakra del corazón
        Chakra secundario: Chakra del corazón superior, Chakra del tercer ojo
        Signo Astrológico: Escorpio
        Vibración Numérica: Número 9

        Tenga en cuenta que cada piedra de palma es única en apariencia como cada uno de nosotros. Debido a que todas nuestras piedras preciosas se cortan de piedra 100 % natural, siempre hay una variación de color. Es posible que la piedra de palma real que recibirá no se vea exactamente igual a la que se muestra en las imágenes de arriba, pero el color será similar. Solo almacenamos gemas de calidad.


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        LAS REGULACIONES Y RETENCIONES DE ADUANAS EXTRANJERAS PUEDEN RETRASAR LA ENTREGA HASTA 30 DÍAS. Los compradores internacionales pueden estar sujetos a cargos por aranceles. Es responsabilidad del comprador estar informado sobre las regulaciones de importación de su país para los precios de los aranceles.

        **Tenga en cuenta: el cliente es responsable de cualquier aduana, impuesto o arancel, si corresponde, relacionado con su pedido. Certificado de origen no proporcionado.

        Leer: Temas de preguntas frecuentes - Información de envío

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        Beautiful earrings

        They were even prettier than I expected. The rosé quartz was really beautiful.


        Beautiful piece way nicer in person than the picture does justice

        Selenite Bowl
        Vicki B.
        Selenite bowl

        This size is great for small stones and pendents. Well packaged and on time. Very pleased. The gift crystal was a surprise. Wish they had a crystal matcher so I knew what it is. But still awesome.

        a fine sparkly

        just perfect. not too big. or small
        bright and pretty
        good price too

        The Rose Quartz 👍🏾

        Rose Quartz works well along side the Lepidolite so I had to buy this as a gift for someone 👍🏾

        Gemstone Pendulum
        Joanne Ghiglieri
        I like it!

        I am happy with my purchase

        Great quality, Legit crystals and fast shipping🤝 Couldn’t be more satisfied ❤️

        I liked the product.

        Quality stones

        All packaging, shipping, and information about stones’ healing cleansing process and quality is overall excellent.

        Perfect purchase

        Perfect purchase 👍🏾

        Large Shungite Merkaba
        Phillip flaskerud

        The stone in beautiful and the extra crystal gift given to me was delightful, thank you and I won't hesitate to order from you again


        Very pleased and satisfied with the stone and service


        Very nice

        Very pretty

        I loved this one

        Very nice

        They were very nice!!

        It's beautiful. I like it.

        I live it so much.


        Great service and fast shipping. The crystal is amazing and exactly what we wanted. I especially appreciate that you can see multiple pictures of the actual crystal - extra effort that makes a big difference.

        Pretty stone

        I bought this to carry with another stone on me..beautiful stones..polished to perfection..

        Pretty stone

        Polished and beautiful stone,I usually carry this with another stone from magic crystals...l plan on buying more crystals in the future

        Bigger than I thought it would be and polished to a high sheen it is a beautiful stone...

        Awesome Amethyst Chrystal Cathedral

        Absolutely glorious. Just as shown on website more magnificent in person. Beautifully wrapped for shipping and wonderful customer support. Thank you very much!

        Nice Citrine buy one 👍🏾

        I actually thought it was bigger from the picture but it fits perfectly glad I bought it 👍🏾

        High Quality Raw Pyrite
        Albert Maslowski

        Better than I expected
        Will purchase from you again thank you

        Yellow Tiger Eye Stone Handmade Crystal Earrings
        A Perfect Match

        Several years ago While visiting family in Wyoming we visited a crystal and Gemstone shop. My wife fell in love with a Tiger's Eye necklace that she wear frequently. She started talking about wanting some earrings to go with it so I began my search. I knew the cut wouldn't be too hard to match, since it is a common shape, what I never expected was to find earrings with an identical mount as the necklace. Needless to say I ordered them and she has been over the moon about them since they arrived.

        She loves them, there were no problems with ordering or delivery. They came promptly, as was promised. I cannot give a rating of less than five stars!

        Hard to rate anything less than five stars when she is so happy about them. There were zero problems with the order process or shipping.

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