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Magic Crystals

Collar con colgante de un solo punto de cuarzo ahumado en bruto

Collar con colgante de un solo punto de cuarzo ahumado en bruto

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Collar con colgante de un solo punto de cuarzo ahumado en bruto


Este collar de cuarzo ahumado es una belleza rústica que se adaptará a tu estilo de vida minimalista. Una pieza espiritual que emite una energía increíble. Este cristal es muy arraigado y ayuda a equilibrar la energía. Se cree que ayuda en la concentración y despeja la mente del desorden. Al estabilizar tu energía, ayuda a superar la negatividad.

Detalles del collar:

• Piedra preciosa: cuarzo ahumado
• Forma: Crudo
- Auténtica piedra de cuarzo ahumado pulida engastada en plata
- Colgante mide aproximadamente 30-50 mm
- Viene con una cadena plateada 925 de cortesía - 1,2 mm
- Producto 100% único de la naturaleza - El color, las marcas y la forma pueden variar.

• Artículo hecho a mano: las piedras preciosas se manipulan con amor y se cortan con piedra 100 % natural. Tenga en cuenta las variaciones en el color, la forma y el tamaño, ya que estas piedras están hechas de forma natural y no hay dos iguales.

        Significado metafísico:

        Significado de cuarzo ahumado

        Smoky Quartz ayuda a cualquier persona a obtener la base que necesita para tomar las decisiones lógicas que lograrán sus objetivos. Si tienes tendencia a aislarte del mundo, hazte con un cuarzo ahumado para volver a sintonizar tus emociones y notar el mundo que te rodea. El cuarzo ahumado es una de las piedras de puesta a tierra más exclusivas y poderosas, pero a la vez más eficientes. El cuarzo ahumado era una piedra sagrada para los antiguos druidas y celtas. El Cuarzo Ahumado despeja bloqueos energéticos, aportando un mayor flujo y equilibrio a los cuerpos sutiles.

        CHAKRAS: Tierra, RAÍZ , Plexo Solar
        PIEDRA DE NACIMIENTO: Escorpio y Capricornio
        ELEMENTOS: Tierra

        Tenga en cuenta que cada collar es único en apariencia como cada uno de nosotros. Debido a que todas nuestras piedras preciosas se cortan de piedra 100 % natural, siempre hay una variación de color. El colgante real que recibirá puede no ser exactamente igual al que se muestra en las imágenes de arriba, pero el color será similar. Solo almacenamos gemas de calidad.


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        Gifting Magic Crystals

        Shopping for that special someone, but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a gift card.

        Purchase Here: Magic Crystals E- Gift Card!

        How to To Use , Cleanse and Activate Your Crystals

        Jewelry: How to To Use , Cleanse and Activate Your Crystal Gemstone Jewelry

        Crystals: How To Cleanse Crystals

        Crystals are tangible, physical forms of the Earth’s energy. Millions of years old, crystals carry the natural life force of the earth. Their ability to emit specific frequencies and store tremendous amounts of information makes crystals essential to modern technologies. So how can we harness the power of crystals? It’s as simple as carrying them, wearing them or placing them in your home.

        Due to the nature of this mineral, every piece will be unique and different unless is a SOLD AS SEEN listing. There is much variance in color, shape, formation and pattern.

        Healing crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist.

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        Great gift

        My friend enjoyed the gift

        Best product and service

        Bracelet came in a lovely bag. Also thanks for surprise gift.


        I love this necklace so much and it came so fast!!


        Very beautiful

        I love my pyrite!
        it's beautiful and unique just like me.
        This was my first gemstone Crystal purchase,I'm so excited about my journey. Thank you so much for my extra gift.

        its nice.but its too big for my wrist and keeps falling off


        The pyramid is more beautiful than I thought. Its shape and dimensions are very suitable. I like it very much. The transport to Romania took a long long time, but it was worth the wait.

        Multi Tourmaline Tree of Life Necklace

        I bought all 3 of the Tree of Life Necklaces. One to keep and two to give as gifts. They are very beautiful and a great price. I personally didn't like the black leather it was on so I switched it out for a delicate black ball chain and it looks really good.

        Love my new purchase

        I love, love, LOVE this store. I recently received my 2nd order and the whole process was super quick and easy. I received an email stating that one of the necklaces I purchased was recently out of stock and if I wanted to replace it or receive a refund. I called and someone was able to answer my questions and I was able to replace it with the same stone but just a different cut. The person I spoke to (I can't remember her name) was super kind and patient with me, and she was able to help me place my order right away with the replacement. This kind gesture showed me how great this shop truly is. I will definitely be ordering from this shop again in the future.

        very pleased

        The packaging is beautiful and unique, excellent shipping, I instantly fell felt like I got exactly what I wanted love everything about it!

        Really cool

        I loved the heart stone and I loved that they gave us an extra stone. The heart stone was really cool I love amythest

        Rebecca R.

        It came delivered quickly and came with an extra surprise I did not ask for, I am grateful I found this company they try to help you save money as well.

        Love it

        ILove this beautiful earth

        Remove Negativity

        I bought these black tourmaline pieces to place in each room of my house to remove negativity and invite peace into my home.

        Great combo

        I look forward to using the combination to cleanse my jewelry and make them ready for the customer to make them their own.


        delighted,so much more than expected, thank you and WOW

        I really love the pyramid as it reminds me of the sacred pyramid shape and is very nice for charging jewelry; I'd definitely recommend it

        Beautiful stones and Obelisk

        I needed a special stone for my best friend birthday gift. Couldn't find it anywhere...Magic Crystal's not only had the stones but all kinds of variations. The packaging was airtight...and got here exactly when they said it would. Very happy!

        I love them

        These are just what I expected and wanted. I love them so much. Thank you.

        Golden Healer Quartz Stone Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace
        Penelope A. Krasnan
        Golden Healer Quartz

        I was told intuitively that I need this stone!! "They" were not wrong!! It is definitely the right stone for me right now!! I LOVE it!!!😍💖💛💛💛💛💛💛

        Blue Lace Agate Pendant

        I love this stone! I felt immediate love when I picked up the package. The extra moonstone and amethyst added to the silver is just extra beautiful. I would recommend making or buying your own chain, the one it comes with is basically just to hold it. I’m making a silver chain for it, but, I have everything to do that but not everyone does. I will definitely shop here again, the pendant itself was worth the value without a chain.

        I loved it! Long & cute! It gave me very good energies right away!✨❤️

        I love it the details of the dragon is amazing I'm in love with the pendant the necklace as well didn't have to change it

        (Blue) Kyanite earrings are super special.

        This super stone performs a unique function and I am glad to have found it here.
        However, if color is important be aware that colors vary from the color depicted on the computer monitor.
        My blue kyanite earrings are grey, a light grey that includes charcoal grey vertical striping.
        Blue would have been amazing, but don't lose sight of the function Kyanite performs.

        Selenite Charging Plate
        Valeree Hansen

        My selenite charging plate is doing its job. It fits into the box that holds my crystal earrings. The extra unique feature is that the earrings stay in place on the charging plate. They do not slide all around when I move my earring box to open it and select my earrings.
        Love that I am doing the best for my crystals as they do the best for me.