7 Chakras Unakite Stone Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace - magic crystals
7 Chakras Unakite Stone Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace - magiccrystals.com
7 Chakras Unakite Stone Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace - magiccrystals.com
7 Chakras Unakite Stone Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace - magiccrystals.com
7 Chakras Unakite Stone Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace - magiccrystals.com

7 Chakras Unakite Stone Handmade Healing Crystal Necklace

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Unakite Necklace

AFFIRMATION: I navigate the process of healing and awakening to higher consciousness with patience and faith, moving always, step by step, towards my highest good.

Unakite is a stone of vision.  Unakite helps to find balance through spirituality.  Unakite provides grounding when needed.  It facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.

Necklace  Details:

• Gemstone:  Unakite
• Shape: Single Point

- Polished Authentic Unakite Stone set in Sterling Silver
- Point Pendant Measures approximately 50-60 mm
- Comes with 925 Silver Plated Chain - 2 mm
- 100% Unique Product of Nature - Color, Markings and Shape May Vary.

• Handcrafted Item: Gemstones and crystals are handled with love and cut from 100% natural stone,  please allow for variances in color, shape, and size as these stones are nature-made and no two are alike.

        Metaphysical Meaning:

        Unakite Meaning

        This Unakite is marbled olive green, salmon, and cream color. Unakite is found in the USA and South Africa. It is made up of Feldspar combined with either Epidot or Pistacite and works with the Heart Chakra.

        Unakite balances the emotional and spiritual bodies and provides gentle release of blockages. Unakite has a gentle action of sending out peaceful vibes to those nearby. It can be useful at work or home, emanating calming energies into the environment. Carry it with you when going to functions with large groups of people to help keep the peace. 

        A Third Eye Chakra stone, Unakite is good for opening one up to spiritual growth and psychic visions. Meditate with tumbled Unakite on the Third Eye to bring knowledge in from the higher self into the heart for understanding and implementation.

        Properties for Stone: Unakite 
        Primary Chakra: Heart Chakra 
        Secondary Chakra: Higher Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra 
        Astrological Sign: Scorpio 
        Numerical Vibration: Number 9

        In order, the colors of the seven primary chakras are:

        1. Red – First chakra
        2. Orange – Second chakra
        3. Yellow – Third chakra
        4. Green – Fourth chakra
        5. Blue (sapphire blue or turquoise) – Fifth chakra
        6. Purple (or deep indigo) – Sixth chakra
        7. White (sometimes purplish white) – Seventh chakra

        Each color reflects a type of vibration or frequency radiating through the chakras. This classic color chart is based on yogic traditions, as well as contemporary healing schools of thought. Although the exact color of each energy center may vary, there is a general agreement about a rainbow-colored representation of the chakra system. 

        Please note that each necklace is unique in appearance as every one of us. Because all of our gemstones are cut from 100% natural stone, there is always color variation. Actual pendant you will receive might not look exactly the same as the one shown in the pictures above, but the color will be similar. We only stock quality gems.


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